Naprintaj.siis the online shop from Slovenia (EU). We offer wide range of textile and other products, DTF prints, embroidery, UV DTF and other….

We are happy to inform all foreign shoppers, that we do send products abroad (European Union and other parts of Europe). Other items might also be available for delivery outside Slovenia. Please contact us at

Below you will find a quick and simple step-by-step guide on ordering stuff. The buying process is pretty self-explanatory and predictable so if you ever shopped online, you should not have problems submitting your order.


We offer two methods of delivery:

  • registered ground or air mail, using national postal services like Pošta Slovenije,
  • express worldwide delivery, using DHL and/or GLS.

Delivery costs:

Regionregistered mail **DHL (smaller orders**)DHL (other)
costdelivery timecostdelivery timecostdelivery time
Europe20 EUR4-10 days*50 EUR1-2 daysplease make prior arrangements
via e-mail
1-2 days
This is just for information purposes. For each delivery we must check the prices and tell you

* delivery times can be longer due to use of national postal services
** smaller orders are orders containing 1-2 CDs/DVDs or 1 book 

Immediately after submitting your order you will recieve a confirmation e-mail (in Slovene) that the order was successfully submitted.

There’s a Google service available called ‘Google translate’ that might help you understand the content of our store, which is in Slovenian language. Click here to translate in English.

If you have any additional questions or would require guidance through the ordering process, please feel free to contact our kind support staff on, or call us at +386 64 12 00 66.